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Teeth Whitening Basics

Let’s face it:  One of the first things you notice about people is their smile.  When you met someone with a bright, natural smile, it catches your attention. However, over time, the natural aging process and your lifestyle (smoking, drinking coffee, tea or wine) can stain your teeth. 

 To get your smile back to looking its best, we offer same-day BriteSmileand Take-Home Whitening Services.  

Take-Home Whitening                                                  

Many of our patients prefer to whiten daily, in their free time, also allowing them greater control of the desired shade of their teeth.  If this sounds like you, then our Master Lab Technicians will create custom teeth whitening trays that fit your mouth comfortably.  Your dentist will then provide the take-home whitening gel and careful instructions on how to use it.  Professional, at-home whitening achieves the same spectacular results as our BriteSmile system, but over a longer period of time, with greater control of the results in your hands.  

How does BriteSmile work?                       

BriteSmile whitening gel is carefully applied to your teeth.  The gel is then activated by BriteSmile’s gentle blue light for 20 minutes while you relax and listen to music.  This process is repeated twice more before you go home with a naturally brilliant new smile. 


Is BriteSmile safe?

A study published in the Journal of the American Dental Association confirms BriteSmile's teeth-whitening system is safe and effective, and the results last for years. With BriteSmile, your entire whitening experience is overseen by a dental professional, ensuring not only safety, but also naturally consistent results.


In general, is tooth whitening safe?

Absolutely.  There are no studies showing that whitening is dangerous for your teeth, gums or overall health.




If you would like more information about teeth whitening or would like to schedule a consultation, please contact our office.